Regional Silver Circle

This Regional Silver Circle recognizes individuals who have worked with distinction in the television industry within the Suncoast Region of the State of Florida, the State of Louisiana, the Mobile, Alabama-Pensacola, Florida television market as well as Puerto Rico for a quarter of a century or more. The Silver Circle is given to people who are worthy of recognition for the quality of their contribution to television in the Suncoast region. When the Regional Silver Circle is voted, it is given at the annual Suncoast Silver Circle ceremony.

In 2003, the Board of Governors voted to give a Regional Silver Circle to television professionals who work within the Suncoast Chapter’s assigned geographic territory, but outside of South Florida. When voted, the Regional Silver Circles are presented at the annual Suncoast Silver Circle ceremony. The following twenty-one distinguished people are recipients of the Silver Circle. The city of service follows the name of each recipient and the year in which they were honored.

Jose Miguel Agrelot, San Juan 2006
Jose Cancela, San Juan 2015
Paquito Cordero, San Juan 2003
Mike Deeson, Tampa – St. Petersburg 2009
Peter A. Delis, Orlando – Daytona Beach 2010
Greg Fox, Orlando – Daytona Beach 2014
Bob Grip, Mobile, Alabama 2019

Carmen Jovet, San Juan 2011 
Brian Lucas, New Orleans 2008
Tony Monjena, San Juan 2017
Victor J. Montilla, San Juan 2017

Jacobo Morales, San Juan 2006 
Tommy Muniz, San Juan 2004 
Lissette Campos-Perez, Tampa 2013
Nancy Parker, New Orleans 2018 

Tony Pipitone, Orlando – Daytona Beach 2010 
Mark Potter, Miami/worldwide 2012 
Carlos Rigau, Miami/worldwide 2013 
Kerry Sanders, Miami/worldwide 2011 
Gail Sierens, Orlando – Daytona Beach 2014
Danny Treanor, Orlando – Daytona Beach 2016