We hope you enjoyed the 2024 Suncoast Student Production Awards held at the University of Miami School of Communications! Congratulations to all of our winners!! Great work!

2024 SPA High School Winners
2024 SPA College Winners

Check out the 2024 Suncoast Student Production Awards photo gallery. It was a great day and we saw great work from our Suncoast students. Congratulations to all our winners and nominees! Way to go!


The Winners were announced today, February 1, 2024, in New York. This year, students from over 120 schools were represented in the competition having previously been selected as winners in one of the NATAS Regional Chapter competitions.

“This year’s student content producers impressed. They are truly the best of the best,” said Doug Mummert, Chairman of the NATAS Foundation. “From coast to coast, the young journalists and budding filmmakers continue to up their game each year, shining a light in their respective communities.”

Wow! Congratulations to Christopher Columbus High School! You’ve made the Suncoast Chapter proud! Check out the entire win list from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences! Congratulations! Keep up the great work!!

Download the 2023 National Student Production Awards win list

We can’t thank everyone enough for attending our SPA Workshop at the University of Miami School of Communication. We had an amazing turnout and a wealth of knowledge and know-how was shared with everyone. We’d especially like to thank our Session Leaders for giving their time, talent, and expertise to help jump-start you on your broadcast career path!

If you weren’t able to attend or if you missed any of the sessions while you were there – no worries! Catch it right here on our Sporfie Livestream

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The Suncoast Student Production Award encourages the pursuit of excellence in video production and focuses public attention on outstanding achievements produced by college, university, and high school students. The 2023 Student Production Awards ceremony was held virtually this year on June 2, 2023.

2023 SPA Virtual Awards