Suncoast Chapter Tube Talk



The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced the Nominees for the 2016 National Student Production Awards to be held on October 4th in Washington D.C. 

For more than a decade the Regional Chapters of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences have hosted the Student Television Awards. This year, over 200 regional recipients have advanced to the inaugural national competition. As the proliferation of affordable cameras and computer editing programs become more available to students, high schools across the country are embracing media courses. The number of regional entries to The National Student Production Awards has grown to exceed 1,500. NATAS is acknowledging a new media savvy generation, whose work has proven to be extraordinary. Judges selected from industry professionals to university professors have determined that winning entries are worthy of national television exposure. High school winners have gone on to participate in academy events, while many participating students have even secured work in the highly competitive industry of entertainment production, shortly after graduation. In fact, many are now professional Emmy® Award recipients.

Not surprisingly, students from the Suncoast Region have been nominated for this prestigious honor. Check out the complete list here.